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About tetra

Handmade unisex silver jewelry by Guy Schwartz.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and produced as a limited series in a free and spontaneous creation born from inner inspiration and observation of the environment.

The jewelry is wild, asymmetrical, and not polished to the end.

Original, unique, and innovative jewelry that creates an experience of presence - physical, visual, and energetic.

Different jewels and different series bring different qualities such as roughness versus softness, masculinity, and femininity, blend in harmony and make up a composition together.

Handcrafted with care and love

This ease of mine makes you also feel comfortable being you.

It arouses your curiosity and wonder and inspiration to express more parts of you.

Earth, wind, fire, and water - all exist in different doses.

Earthliness and presence, connection to the earth, and connection to the body.

Attraction to explore and discover other and higher worlds, depth and a lot of respect for feelings and courage and curiosity to create and experience.

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